About Us

Campaign Verify is a U.S. nonprofit organization founded in 2020 with a mission to "provide a public service on a non-partisan basis to verify the integrity and authenticity of text message and other communications related to political campaigns and elections in order to educate the public, ensure public confidence in American elections, and protect political and civil rights in the election system."

Board Members:

Meagan Bolton, of Counsel in Ice Miller’s Public Affairs Group, where she focuses her practice in technology and telecommunications policy. Meagan leverages her passion for social justice and equitable access to broadband and tech opportunities to develop effective strategies for clients.

Doug Busk, Vice President, Enterprise Communications & Marketing for Emory University in Atlanta. In his carrier career, Doug was a key player in building out the original infrastructure and rule-making that guided shortcodes, charitable giving, and carrier billing.

David Diggs, Principal, David Diggs & Associates, and a wireless industry veteran who led CTIA's efforts to develop guidelines for text messaging campaigns.

Jen Harrington, Partner at Red Spark Strategy in Arlington, VA, and previously Chief Operating Officer at Opn Sesame.

Dave Leichtman, Director, Program Strategy, Defending Democracy at Microsoft, with previous tours at Salsa Labs and Blue State Digital.

Matt Lira, previously with the White House Office of American Innovation where he helped build bipartisan coalitions to modernize government's service delivery and national policy in support of emerging technologies.
None of us needs reminding that election security is a major concern for our nation. In 2017, FBI Director Christopher Wray established the Foreign Influence Task Force to identify and counteract malign foreign influence operations targeting the United States. According to the FBI, “[t]he goal of these foreign influence operations directed against the United States is to spread disinformation, sow discord, and, ultimately, undermine confidence in our democratic institutions and values.”

Because text messaging, with its immediacy and high message open-rate, is such a compelling communications tool, it is at risk of being exploited by foreign influences as well as domestic bad actors. Campaign Verify inserts an important checkpoint into the process of establishing a political text message campaign, and allows all parties to trust that the message sender is who they say they are. Initially, Campaign Verify authenticated federal campaigns, and in 2021 expanded to verify state and local campaigns.

The security of our elections is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue, but a looming threat to the fundamental integrity of our country’s democratic institutions. That’s why Campaign Verify was founded by a board of directors with vast experience in wireless messaging and with political campaigns on both sides of the aisle. Working with each other, and with leaders in both the political and telecommunications communities, they created Campaign Verify as a non-partisan, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to protecting U.S. election candidates’ messaging campaigns from malicious threats.